OUR MISSION: We inspire, challenge and nurture each child to achieve their unique potential within a rural environment.


CONTACT DETAILS ardmorepsg@gmail.com

Chairperson Christy Harvey

Secretary Charles Briggs

Treasurer Megan McCann

We are a group of parents who are actively involved in raising funds for the benefits of the Ardmore School students. We are always looking for new parents to be part of this group. Meetings are informal gatherings where parents get together and discuss what fundraising activities happen within the school and how these funds are spent. Our meetings are held twice a term in the school staffroom.

New members are always welcome.

Some of our current fundraising activities

YUMMY Stickers www.yummyfruit.co.nz The school receives free sporting equipment as a result of collecting these stickers.

Entertainment Books www.entertainmentbook.co.nz available as an app!

If you buy a membership and download the Entertainment App, 20 % of every sale goes to the school. Full of Discounted entertainment options.

Calendar Art Your children create these masterpieces throughout the year. In Term 4 there will be an opportunity for you to purchase them in the form of a Calendar, diary or cards.

Order forms out in term 4. Great Christmas presents for the grandparents.

Scholastic Books www.scholasticbooks.co.nz

The school benefits by receiving 20% of books purchased - in the form of books for the school. Brochures are sent home from school and you can order online.

Precious Labels Cute, colourful and durable labels for clothing, lunchboxes and books. ww.preciouslabels.co.nz/current-fundraisers/ Then pick Ardmore School 20% of all sales go to the school

School Lunches An opportunity is given for students to order through the Kindo school app and receive a lunch order.

Second Hand Uniform Shop Second Hand Uniforms are donated and sold through the school KINDO app

Contact details for the second hand uniform shop are ardmorepsguniforms@gmail.com

Information on sales process-

Second Hand Ardmore Uniform Shop

These are some of our ongoing fundraisers. Along with running events like the School Disco, Bingo nights, Gala Days and Quiz nights .

Please join us in being apart of these events and by supporting our school.

Second Hand Ardmore Uniform Shop
Oxford Pie Fundraiser (2).pdf
OXFORD Pies Fundraiser Order Form - Sheet1.pdf
_OXFORD Savouries Pies Rolls Lamingtons Order Form - Sheet1.pdf