OUR MISSION:  We inspire, challenge and nurture each child to achieve their unique potential within a rural environment.



Enrolment at Ardmore School is governed by an enrolment scheme.  If you live within our school zone, enrolment is automatic.  For those living outside the zone area, a ballot is held usually around September / October each year.

To see a map of Ardmore Schools zone go to  https://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/find-school 

For In Zone Enrolment

To proceed with an in-zone enrolment we will require the following supporting documents.

Proof of address or verification of usual place of residence:

Other Documentation required:

For Out of Zone applicants.  

If you wish to submit an application for enrolment at Ardmore School please fill out the online form below.  

The ballot date for 2025 enrolments   TBC

Applications must be received by - TBC

All applicants will be informed by post & email after the ballot is held. 

 For more information regarding the enrolment scheme and the ballot system go to www.education.govt.nz - Parents - Primary School - Schooling in New Zealand and click on Enrolment Schemes (zoning) 

Cohort Entry for New Parents 2024.pdf