Cultural Atributes

    • Has knowledge of cultural traditions and practices
    • Is able to share aspects of their culture with others
    • Has mana amongst peers from the same culture
    • Is able to lead others in cultural contexts
    • May be able to express themselves through culturally derived performance, art, dress or technologies
    • May speak two or more languages fluently
    • Driven to be of service to their particular culture/community
    • Is able to switch between cultural expectations.
    • Has pride in their culture
    • Be constrained by cultural practice eg: expectation to be obedient means they may be reluctant to ask questions
    • May be conflicted between school culture and home culture and become unsure, withdrawn and underachieving
    • Can be very talented in many areas but need literacy support
    • Can suffer culture shock or be traumatised by life events in other countries
  • May be the victim of racism
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