OUR MISSION: We inspire, challenge and nurture each child to achieve their unique potential within a rural environment.

Ardmore School is a semi-rural school in close proximity to a significant urban centre. It is a full primary school catering for years 1-8. The school caters for local children as well as attracting many enrolments from nearby suburbs. The school enjoys high levels of parental support and the fundraising of the Parent Support Group significantly helps to increase the educational provisions available to the students. The school is well resourced, the buildings, plant and grounds are very well maintained. As such, the school presents well above its socio-economic decile rating. It provides a sound environment for childrens' learning.



Important Notices

ECCS Swimming Sports Thursday Massey Park Pool 9.30am

Gala items - Please send wrapped lollies and/ or jams and preserves for the Cottage Garden

Also note the Teacher only day advertised at Papakura Normal School for Feb 22 is just for that school and NOT Ardmore

2017 Ardmore School, Papakura